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Welcome to my lair!

Where am I and what is this place?

Welcome to the landing page for my personal website. While I do maintain a professional website for my company, Brukenet Web Development, this is NOT that site; this site is just a hobby where I tinker with odd bits of code, host stuff for various games, and post pretty much whatever comes to mind in the form of various rants and reviews. Everything here is subject to change on a whim and none of it should be taken too seriously. It is open to anyone that wants to poke around, so feel free to explore; I make changes frequently and there is usually something new somewhere on the site at least once or twice per week.

Current status and future plans.

Updated December 31st, 2017

Well, it looks like this is the end of 2017; long live 2018. Looking forward to the new year, I have high hopes (but then again, I say that every year; I guess I'm an incurable optimist). I am planning to run three separate campaigns in 2018, plus play in one. I hope to finally finish my new website,, and a mobile app to go with it. 2018 might also be the year that I finally finish playing Skyrim (or at least win it). I also expect to be playing more boardgames in the new year too. So many plans, so little time; going to be hard to fit it all in but I'll try.

I had planned and announced a book and movie review section of my website back in 2016 but those sections never really came together. There's already so many other review sites and in hindsight it just seems like an ego-trip to think that my reviews will really matter to anyone but myself; I'm hardly a proficient film critic. For that reason, I'm going to rip out that section and remove it from the site. If you came here looking for it, don't feel as though you missed anything.

I plan to finally finish the user authentication section of the site early in 2018; I really want to be able to assign users to specific campaigns and then make sections that are only available to users that participate in those games. If I did that, I would have more freedom to post and use copyrighted materials as they'ed be unaccessible to the general world. Adding user authentication would also pave the way for me to create a real threaded discussion forum for each campaign, something that I really want to accomplish.

I've been paying for a license for Unity3D for almost three years now and I haven't done anything actually fun with the engine. I have a plan to make a simple game and release it for tablets this year. I'm struggling with the controls for mobile; I miss not being able to have all the keybinding options that exist on a desktop. Still, I can probably add in one of those directional pad overlays and get the job done; no wasd for tablets. As for the concept, I'm thinking of starting with a map of the moathouse from the original Temple of Elemental Evil and using that as a testing ground. If I manage to get something working, I'll submit it to Wizards and ask for licensing. It would be sweet to have an actual licensed product; then I would finally have something to put up on my site (which currently has nothing due to similar license concerns).

Oh, and 2018 will be the year that I take blogging and social media seriously. It will also be the year of the Linux desktop... (hope you get the joke; if not, I'm sorry). But really, I do plan to build a custom blogging platform because I like reinventing the wheel (actually, because I hate WordPress). Whether or not I actually use it once it's done is anyone's guess but it's a plan.

Lastly, I am seriously considering switching to jQuery and Bootstrap for this site. I like the current colors and style on a desktop monitor but it's not ideal for phones and smaller tablets. I've been doing quite a bit of work with jQuery and Bootstrap lately and they're not awful... just bloated. I may incorporate them.

And that's it; those are my major personal goals for 2018. I hope to be alive to write another post like this next December. Best wishes to my site visitors, all three of you.