The Bruke's Lair

A personal website for gaming and coding.

Welcome to my lair!

Where am I and what is this place?

Welcome to the landing page for my personal website. While I do maintain a professional website for my company, Brukenet Web Development, this is NOT that site; this site is just a hobby where I tinker with odd bits of code, host stuff for games, and post pretty much whatever comes to mind in the form of various reviews. Everything here is subject to change on a whim and none of it should be taken too seriously. It is open to anyone that wants to poke around, so feel free to explore; I make changes frequently and there is usually something new somewhere on the site at least once or twice per week.

If you're a player in one of my campaigns then you will probably find whatever you need in the Roleplaying section. Those curious about my coding experiements should check out the regular Games section - all my coding experiements tend to be games of one sort or another and many have some type of playable alpha or beta version available there. Those few bits of coding that are not game-related are in their own section, 'Code', in the navigation menu above.

The site looks different...

I made the first version of my personal website, "The Bruke's Lair", back in late 2006; I think I still have those early site files archived somewhere but it's not likely they will ever see the light of day again - my first site was pretty awful. Since 2006 I've had two other major revisions to the site and now, with the version that launched at the end of 2014, my site is on it's fourth incarnation. I like to think that this one will endure for at least a few years as revising everything has been a major pain in my ass.

The 2014 update is really more about the site's functionality and behind-the-scenes structure than about any real cosmetic changes. I was really fond of the basic blue design that I had used before (which itself was based upon an old SMF theme by a fellow named Crip - now deceased but still credit where credit is due) so I retained much of the original color scheme. From a cosmetic standpoint the only real changes are some CSS tricks to make better rounded corners and gradient backgrounds instead of some background images (although there are still a few background images here and there). The structure, however, is entirely new and much more efficient - I'm using a MVC design pattern with PHP include files and dynamic database-driven content for many pages instead of the hard-coded html I had previously relied on for years.

If you were here previously and participated in the original forum then I'm sorry to report that all the old content, while currently archived, will probably not be part of any new forum; if you want access to any of that old forum content then please contact me.