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Endless Quest Books in Digital Format

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To begin reading, click on the BEGIN QUEST link in the Status column for the desired book. If that book is not yet complete, the status column will list it as Pending and there will be no clickable link.

Title Author Published Cover Status
Dungeon of DreadRose Estes1982View CoverBEGIN QUEST
Mountain of MirrorsRose Estes1982View CoverPENDING
Pillars of PentegarnRose Estes1982View CoverPENDING
Return to BrookmereRose Estes1982View CoverPENDING
Revolt of the DwarvesRose Estes1983View CoverPENDING
Revenge of the Rainbow DragonsRose Estes1983View CoverPENDING
Hero of Washington SquareRose Estes1983View CoverPENDING
Villains of VolturnusJean Blashfield1983View CoverPENDING
Robbers and RobotsMike Carr1983View CoverPENDING
Circus of FearRose Estes1983View CoverPENDING
Spell of the Winter WizardLinda Lowery1983View CoverPENDING
Light on Quests MountainMary L. Kirchoff and James M. Ward1983View CoverPENDING
Dragon of DoomRose Estes1983View CoverPENDING
Raid on Nightmare CastleCatherine McGuire1983View CoverPENDING
Under Dragon's WingJohn Kendall1984View CoverPENDING