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Glorantha - Dragon Pass Region

The Dragon Pass Region

This is a large-scale interactive map of the Dragon Pass region in central Genertela. The map uses a variety of map pin tooltips to indicate the progress of the characters over the course of the campaign and the map can be zoomed via a mouse's scroll wheel or the buttons in the upper right of the map. More details for each sub-region can be found below the map; as the players explore more of the map additional details will be added. Note that the map's image file is quite large (over 8 MB) so it may take a few seconds to finish loading.

Currently, the green and red map pins indicate the beginning and ending locations of the characters for the most recent game session; yellow map pins will indicate positions from previous game sessions. Although not yet implemented, I will be adding custom-shaped map pins in the future to indicate places of particular interest to the characters.

Common Knowledge - Geography


Three hundred years ago refugees from the Kynnelfing Alliance, fleeing wars with the Lunar Empire, followed Arim the Pauper (the priest who became a king) into Dragon Pass. He freed slaves and prisoners, sought and gained followers, and befriended the Grazers. He found the Shaker Temple and married Sorana Tor - an incarnation of the Goddess - to become King of Dragon Pass. Arim's Secret Kingdom became the Tarsh Tribe after his death, then later the Kingdom of Tarsh, both ruled by the Twins Dynasty.

Tarsh remained a thorn in the Empire's side until 1490, when HonEel the Artess, Second Inspiration of Moonson, won the kingdom for the Moon by marrying the king, Pyjeemsab. He died shortly after the ceremony, and HonEel became regent for their unborn son. Some Tarshites resisted, but HonEel, with the troops of the Lunar Provincial Army, crushed them at the Battle of Dancing Sisters.

The Kingdom of Tarsh is now the largest country in Dragon Pass and the richest of the Lunar Provinces; King Moirades is a personal ally of the Emperor. Moirades was once the sacred King of Dragon Pass, a figure of great power. But he is distant now from worldly affairs, focusing on magical rituals with which he hopes to transform both himself and his kingdom. He has handed the reins of temporal power to his son, Prince Pharandros.


The Grazers were once Pure Horse People, a proud tribe that roamed distant Pent. They left their home when other clans polluted themselves by eating cattle instead of horses. Heading south to seek the prophesied Horse Queen who could heal their maimed steeds and return them to the Sky, they finally settled in the Dragon Pass region. Many years later Orlanthi entered the region; the Grazers opposed them and the ensuing raids against the newcomers brought the Grazers many slaves to till the soil for them – the Vendref.

There are about 40 Grazer clans, averaging roughly 500 adults, who still practice the nomadic lifestyle. They live in large, round, wood-frame tents and migrate twice a year to follow their great horse herds to new pastures. Each clan rules several Vendref farmsteads whose inhabitants outnumber them. The Vendref grow grain to feed the horse herds in winter and handle trade, a skill beneath the dignity of the rulers. The clans elect the Luminous Stallion King to rule the people; this is currently Jarsandron Tenherds. Their highest magical authority is the Feathered Horse Queen; the current one is Single Matron Woman, also known as the Bearer of the Head.


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