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My RPG Campaigns


As this site is for my own personal hobbies, it should surprise no one that knows me that a large part is devoted to role-playing games; they even made it into the main navigation. The hard part for me is deciding exactly which game systems and campaign worlds in which to devote my limited time, and how to present them here in a practical way that benefits myself, my players, and perhaps even those curious strangers that find their way here. I will attempt to explain the method to my madness here, before diving deeper into specifics on later pages.

For my players

I want to have a single, easily accessible place where my players can review past game sessions, view illustrations and maps between game sessions, and reference each other's character statistics to familairize themselves with how they can best function as a team. For those reasons, I've included in the sections for each campaign relevant subsections for house rules, character statistics, a campaign log, and interactive maps (some of them zoom and have links - not the most impressive interactions but I have plans for more in the future). When time permits, I also try to add bits about the history, culture, religion, and other non-rules aspects of the campaign worlds.

For me

As a professional web designer, I find that I tend to organize my notes better in the format of web pages; HTML is ideal for linking information. I've made several sections of content that is only visible to me, which I can then easily reveal as the player characters explore and uncover more information about the world. By placing it here initially, I save myself the time of re-entering it later - and I'm working in a format with which I'm comfortable.

I have some grandiose plans for the future, in which I hope to add sections of the site for each player; those sections would allow some game-related exchanges outside of the actual game sessions. I know - I could set up a forum and set a thread for each player (or even for each character) but I want something... more personalized. Perhaps it's an outgrowth of my growing loathing for CMS platforms (I hate WordPress with an intense passion) but I've set my mind on hand-crafting this from scratch. More on that later when (if?) I ever finish it.

For the curious

As this is a website, it's only reasonable to think that other people might come here and read what I've written. In fact, if no one comes here and reads this then I'm little more than some lunatic rambling away to myself in an empty room... let's not dwell on that image, shall we?

Assuming you're actually real, and still reading this, you may be wondering what's here for you. Well... anything you want. Feel free to 'borrow' any of my notes but be aware that any images you find here (including maps) are very likely NOT mine - I can only claim ownership and copyright of text content here (and not even all of that, really). Use my site for quick NPC stats, or for encounter ideas. In particular, I'd like to recommend my on-going conversions of popular adventures from 1st edition AD&D into GURPS, D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, and 5th edition D&D - those are all me and I can freely share them.

Glorantha — Dragon Pass

I'm currently running two regular games and the most demanding of the two is set in the Dragon Pass region of the fantasy world of Glorantha (c.f. Although my first experience with this rich campaign setting was superficial - limited to only the contents of Avalon Hill's Runequest Deluxe Third Edition in the late 80's - I never forgot the unique charm and promise of the setting. When my friends asked me if I'd like to take a turn at running a game again, I decided that Glorantha would be perfect.

While the choice of campaign setting was easy, finding a suitable game system has been difficult. I started in late December of 2014 with the old 3rd edition RuneQuest rules but, despite being blinded by nostolgia, I eventually had to admit that game design has come a long ways since then. I think my players were glad when I finally relented and decided to try running the campaign with a different set of rules. When I selected GURPS 4th Edition as my second choice (one of my favorite systems of all time) there was mixed feelings among the players but we gave it a good try before deciding that, at least for this group of players, we wanted something less tactical and more streamlined. I set up a re-boot scenario involving some flashbacks and we jumped into our third try using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules.

Despite the fact that we're now using Dungeons & Dragons, I still intend to work on building racial and professional templates for the GURPS system for the Glorantha setting . It won't be quick or easy, but it's something I can do in my spare time and I'll be posting links here to content I've created as I finish it.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the original intellectual property in regards to the Glorantha setting. I want to be very clear that my house rules and game notes for this campaign world are non-commercial and for personal use only. I am sharing them here to make them accessible to my players in one convenient location, and to promote the campaign setting itself to others that might find my website because I believe the setting is exceptional and deserving of recognition. To those that are interested, I highly recommend checking out Greg Stafford's official website at for the primary source materials. The Glorantha Wiki is also an excellent source for all things Glorantha.

Greyhawk — The Temple of Elemental Evil

As a gamer that grew up in the 80's, The Temple of Elemental Evil, set of course in the World of Greyhawk setting as it is meant to be, is one of my favorite adventures. In many ways it defines exactly what it meant to play Dungeons & Dragons during that decade. Played as a straight-forward dungeon crawl it's a brutal meat-grinder that kills entire parties (we once lost a party of 18 characters there) but, for clever players, it's a chance to infilitrate and play politics — to pit the various factions against each other.

I've worked to revise the original version of the adventure for many years; I've written house rules and notes to translate it into Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition (and 3.5), Pathfinder, and GURPS 4th edition. Now that the rules for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition are available it's only natural that I'd update it to the new edition. At least in this edition Elmo's armor makes sense again...

My cu

Dark Heresy

A good friend of mine is currently running a game using the Dark Heresy 2nd Edition rules and campaign setting. It's been alot of fun so far and I'm looking forward to playing again soon.

UPDATE: After much intrigue, we finally got to actually meet our inquisitor and we found out that we're in Ordo Xenos. Good times!

A PDF copy of my current character is available here. Anyone wanting a blank form-fillable copy of the character sheets should check out the Player Resources section of their official website.