Boardgames have risen to become my current favorite type of gaming. I've heavily invested in my collection and as more and more people get the vaccine and gaming in person becomes a reality again I've been trying to play at least once per week.

My love of boardgames has inspired me to write a software tool to track my game inventory and provide useful filters to help me select the right game for every circumstance. If you're interested, you can view that tool at

I'm currently developing a database for all the games I've played. My goal is to take a photo of the game right after setup and then again after there's a winner. I want to add data like how many people played and how long the game took, as well as my rating of the game. I'd like to also add the players but not everyone wants their names on the internet so that probably won't happen. Once that data is properly coded I'll add a link here.

Lastly, I'm trying to develop a tool for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion that displays the cards available to each player and which tracks campaign progress. It's still very crude but you can see the current version at I'd like to eventually do something similar for every legacy-style boardgame that I own but that's a ways away still.

Role-Playing Games

I'm still building out code to support a campaign log for my current Dungeons & Dragons game. The first several sessions were on Roll20 but I've switched entirely to in-person gaming now and will soon be providing character data, handouts, campaign log and calendar, and other stuff here on my personal website. Promises, promises! But really, this is a priority and should show up here soon.

I have a considerable amount of content from prior campaigns which I would also like to add on this site. Much of it was on the prior verson of the site but it's not compatible with the code for this upgraded version. Once I get a chance I plan to add it as an archive. In particular, much of the older campaign stuff includes conversions of older 1st edition stuff into either 3.5 or 5th edition; in some cases content conversions are into GURPS. Perhaps someone will find it interesting.

PC Games

I haven't been playing many PC games lately. I played a bit of Civilization IV recently but that ended when one player just couldn't fit it into his schedule. I've also been plaing more of 7 Days to Die than is healthy, staying up too late and missing sleep. I even tried to stream a bit; you can see the sad results on MI-Games YouTube channel. I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming Alpha 20 for 7 Days to Die.

I've also been working on setting up a server to sell game hosting. It's been an interesting journey and you can see the results at if you're interested in getting a game server.