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Updating my website is proving to be more time-consuming than I anticipated. While I am (barely) managing to keep up with journal entries for the various role-playing games that I run, the rest of the site is a virtual wasteland of placeholder text and broken links. Hopefully I'll get that all fixed soon but don't hold your breath.

I'm currently running three games. One is exclusively via MapTools (a virtual table-top program from RP Tools), another started with live face-to-face gaming but has pretty much evolved to being virtual, and a third campaign that remains firmly entrenched in the non-virtual world. I have mixed feelings as the virtual games are much easier for me (less travel time, in particular) but they seem to lack something vital and I find myself struggling to stay interested.

As for coding, I'm still puttering around with Unity 3D and I hope to have something to post here soon; again, don't hold your breath but it's definitely on my list of things to do before I die. I actually had four or five small games but they died when browsers stopped allowing plugins (Unity 3D originally used a web player similar to Adobe Flash). Now I keep trying to deal with frequent software updates; every time I make some progress Unity 3D updates again and I am back to square one. Maybe not actually square one but it does seem like their updated break older code more than any other tool I've ever used. Still better than trying to code my own 3D engine from scratch so I'm not complaining too much.

Another of my many projects is to convert my archives of older campaigns to the new website format and to start up a fresh blog. I have some ideas and I might even start a youtube channel too... so many ideas, so little time. Life is too short.