Recent Events

The pandemic should have meant that I had more time to work on my personal website and yet... that wasn't the case.

It's been a busy year. I've been mostly focused on learning new server management tools like WHM/cPanel, WHMCS and TCAdmin. I've started up a dedicated server for selling PC gaming servers (which you can find at ). This year also marks my first foray into working with Windows Server software instead of Debian and CentOS.

I'm currently running just one pencil and paper role-playing game. That's a big drop from the three or four campaigns that I was usually involved in during years past. I did have some online stuff running in Roll20 and Maptools for awhile, and have been an occasional player in the campaigns of some friends using the Forge/Foundry system, but honestly I've been pretty burnt out on all the virtual tabletop stuff lately. Now I just meet once per week with real people at a real table, to roll real dice. It feels good.

As for coding, I've pretty much given up on Unity 3D. I actually had four or five small games but it felt like every time I turned around Unity3D would make an update that broke everything; it seemed like I spent more time just maintaining what I had created and never had time to make anything new. Eventually even maintaining things became too much for my schedule so I just let it all go. Unity3D has some potential but it's hard to be a one-man band and do everything.

Recently I've been focusing my coding efforts on making tools for managing my boardgame and book collections. I'm working to make filter tools for selecting just the right game, depending on factors like complexity and number of players. I'm mostly pleased. My next goal is to make my book collection into a searchable reference so that I can keep track of what serieses I've recently read and when new books are about to be published.

Another of my many projects is to convert my archives of older campaigns to the new website format and to start up a fresh blog. I have some ideas and I might even start a youtube channel too... so many ideas, so little time. Life is too short.