Recent Events

My 2023 has started with some ups and downs.

I've finally found a few groups of people for regular board games - one to the south and one to the north. Both involve a bit of driving but it's more sustainable than having to go to Grand Rapids (or farther). I still plan to keep in contact with the groups from Grand Rapids but now I have options that are more practical for gaming multiple times per week.

While I do still have a warm place in my heart for table-top role-playing games, distance and my schedule have limited my ability to run or play regularly. I was still hanging on to gaming with one group in Grand Rapids but now that has also ended due to health concerns. There's some scattered chat with the local groups about starting up something here in Lansing but nothing is certain yet.

As for coding, I've pretty much given up on Unity 3D. I actually had four or five small games but it felt like every time I turned around Unity3D would make an update that broke everything; it seemed like I spent more time just maintaining what I had created and never had time to make anything new. Eventually even maintaining things became too much for my schedule so I just let it all go. Unity3D has some potential but it's hard to be a one-man band and do everything.

Recently I've been focusing my coding efforts on making tools for managing my boardgame and book collections. I'm working to make filter tools for selecting just the right game, depending on factors like complexity and number of players. I'm mostly pleased. My next goal is to make my book collection into a searchable reference so that I can keep track of what serieses I've recently read and when new books are about to be published.

Another of my many projects is to convert my archives of older campaigns to the new website format and to start up a fresh blog. I have some ideas and I might even start a youtube channel too... so many ideas, so little time. Life is too short.